More than ‘just a daycare’ – THIS is the place!

In by DM1975

Where to begin. We met Casey (owner) as she was hustling to finish the last touches on her second location in Babcock Ranch. My wife and I have two toddlers and live across the street and will be opening up a grooming shop in Babcock Ranch in 2021 in the new Publix Plaza – everything fell in line. Our son has special needs (speech) and a severe allergy to fire ants – they sprayed before our kids start and that was the very beginning of a beautiful relationship. Our children have thrived at Bloom and although our daughter isn’t in daycare right now due to COVID-19 (our choice), our son has been LOVING his Pre-K class. The staff is extremely helpful, loving, and the app they use to showcase pictures all day is great. During the pandemic, Casey and her staff have done EVERYTHING in line with the safety protocols during the pandemic and they always respond quickly to my wife and I if we have a question or concern. I couldn’t rate more than 5 stars, but I definitely would. If you are looking for more than ‘just a daycare’ – THIS is the place! They structure everything to run LIKE SCHOOL, preparing the kiddos for kindergarten and beyond. The Alvarez family LOVES Bloom Academy!