Everything we do at Bloom Academy is with much thought. The food we provide and serve to everyone is not exception!

Most will agree a healthy lifestyle can and should be developed at a young age. We start by making sure all our meals and snacks are well balanced. Avoiding adding sugars, salts and making sure to incorporate fruits and veggies as well. Along the way we can have some culinary fun and introduce them to tastes and textures they might not otherwise have explored.

It’s very important to us at Bloom that the meals and snacks we serve, are of the same quality we would make at home for our own children. The Bloom menu is carefully reviewed and planned by a nutritionist to make certain we didn’t miss anything. You can relax knowing your child is getting the best while with us at Bloom.

Just like all our programs at Bloom, our meals and menu are well thought out. When you are considering schools and comparing them for your children, please take the time to ask questions and read our parent reviews about Bloom. We are sure you will love our school as much as your kids do!

Bloom Food Menu

Purple Worm Playground Toy at Bloom Academy

Learning & Fun

We have a large outdoor area for children to Explore, Discover, and Learn. As well as a dedicated classroom for Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Science, and Discovery.

Bloom Food Menu

Healthy Meals

Our meals are specifically designed to be healthy, interesting and introduce children to a range of cultural influences and flavors.

Bloom Academy

Children Safety

Bloom academy schools are certified through the Eco-Healthy program that partners with child care professionals to eliminate or reduce environmental health hazards found within or around childcare facilities.

No Carpeting In Our Classrooms at Bloom Academy

Cute Environment

Bloom Academy is a unique preschool facility that is situated in a stunning purpose-built state of the art premise in all of our locations.