Green Geese (1 year - 2 years)

Each of our one year old Green Geese Bloom classrooms accommodate 11 children and are staffed with two loving and nurturing teachers that are trained in infant and toddler appropriate practices. The second year of a child’s life is an amazing year of growth and development. Weekly lesson plans and periodic assessments guide the teachers in providing an environment that  encourages exploration and individual positive reinforcement and learning gains.

Children are introduced to a more structured schedule and provided with activities and experiences to help them excel. Our Green Geese enjoy two visits daily to our “Little Nest” playground that boasts an eco-friendly artificial grass surface.

Green Geese Bloom classes are provided with an environment and routines that foster their quick changing needs. Bloom provides locally procured milk along with a variety of all natural, organic and healthy meals & snacks. In addition, all natural diaper, wipes and other essentials are supplied.

Purple Peacocks Classroom at Boom Academy
Taco Lunch at Bloom Academy
  • Locally procured milk provided
  • Healthy, organic and all natural meals & snacks provided
  • Low Teach to Child Ratio
  • All natural diapers, wipes, cream etc.
  • Eco-healthy, peaceful and sanitary environment
  • Rigorous and Relevant weekly lesson plans