About Us

Bloom Academy is a preschool school located in Charlotte County Florida. We currently have two locations including our newest location in Babcock Ranch. Our schools are led by former teachers and those with extensive childhood experience. We invite you to reserve a tour online of our locations in Punta Gorda and Babcock Ranch. Take a look around our school. The school was built specifically for our use. This allowed us to make the outdoor play areas as safe as the classrooms. The schools are cleaned every night without harsh chemicals. We only use earth friendly and kid friendly cleaning products. Meals your children received here at our schools are well thought out, healthy and prepared on site. We even try to locally source as much as possible.

Each child we take care of is an individual. From understanding their personality to knowing what foods they enjoy. We tailor the learning curriculum for each child, making sure they are developing good skills in an enjoyable environment. We want you to feel comfortable knowing your child is loved, and carefully looked after each day. Parents are encouraged to get involved with their children, asking questions and helping them to grow with basic knowledge and social skills before entering school.

We can tell you how wonderful our school is and we do invite you to look over our website and visit. However it’s the parents of our current students who offer some great advice and thoughts on how their children love our school. Check out our “What Parents are Saying About Us” page and you can always ask us for references if you would like to talk with another parent.

Bloom Academy
Purple Worm Playground Toy at Bloom Academy

Learning & Fun

At Bloom Academy, your children will learn and have fun in a safe environment. Large outdoor play area and classrooms designed to keep your child engaged throughout the day.

Bloom Food Menu

Healthy Meals

All our meals are carefully planned and prepared on site using healthy ingredients. Developing good eating habits at a young age is key to a healthy life. We locally source as much food as possible.

Bloom Academy

Children Safety

Bloom academy schools are certified through the Eco-Healthy program. We work to reduce environmental health hazards found within or around childcare facilities to keep your children safe.

No Carpeting In Our Classrooms at Bloom Academy

Intentional Design

Each Bloom Academy location is a unique preschool facility situated in a stunning state of the art building. Our schools are safe & secure with modern and clean classrooms. Stop by and visit.