Why Choose Bloom?

Purple Worm Playground Toy at Bloom Academy

Learning & Fun

At Bloom Academy, your children will learn and have fun in a safe environment. Large outdoor play area and classrooms designed to keep your child engaged throughout the day.

Amazing Kitchen at Bloom Academy Punta Gorda

Healthy Meals

All our meals are carefully planned and prepared on site using healthy ingredients. Developing good eating habits at a young age is key to a healthy life. We locally source as much food as possible.

Bloom Academy Punta Gorda Front Entrance

Children Safety

Bloom academy schools are certified through the Eco-Healthy program. We work to reduce environmental health hazards found within or around childcare facilities to keep your children safe.

No Carpeting In Our Classrooms at Bloom Academy

Intentional Design

Each Bloom Academy location is a unique preschool facility situated in a stunning state of the art building. Our schools are safe & secure with modern and clean classrooms. Stop by and visit.

Bloom Programs

Yellow Canaries (6 weeks-18 months)

Each infant room accommodates 7 children and is staffed with two loving and nurturing teachers that are trained in infant and toddler appropriate practices. Bloom provides Organic Earth’s Best Formula, regular and soy organic baby food varieties. READ MORE

Green Geese (1 – 2 years)

Our Green Geese classrooms accommodate 11 children. The second year of a child’s live is amazing and we have lesson plans and periodic assessments to help guide growth and development. READ MORE

Red Robins (2 – 3 years)

Each of our Red Robins classrooms are staffed with highly energetic and motivated teachers that are trained in classroom and behavior management. This wonderful environment encourages exploration. READ MORE

Blue Birds (3 – 4 years)

The goal of the Blue Birds program is to prepare each student for pre-kindergarten by having clear goals and reinforcing routines. Weekly lesson plans and periodic assessment by teachers help to work with each student. READ MORE

Orange Owls VPK (4-5 years)

Orange Owls is our pre-kindergarten program. The teachers leading these classes are trained in Florida state standards for kindergarten readiness. The first school experience for children is very important. READ MORE

Purple Peacocks (5 – 12 years)

The Purple Peacocks program provides before and after school care for local elementary schools. Transportation is provided via our Bloom Passenger Van. Full day camp programs are also available during public school closings. READ MORE

Learn More About Our Programs

About Bloom

Bloom Academy is a pre-kindergarten school located in Charlotte County Florida. We currently have two locations Punta Gorda and our newest location in Founders Square Babcock Ranch. Our schools are lead by former teachers and those with extensive childhood experience. We invite you to come by our main location in Punta Gorda and take a look around. The school was build specifically for our use. This allowed us to make the outdoor play areas as safe as the classrooms. The schools are cleaned every night without harsh chemicals. In fact we only use earth friendly and kid friendly cleaning products. Meals your children received here at our schools are well thought out, healthy and prepared on site. We even try to locally source as much as possible.

Each child we take care of is an individual. From understanding their personality to knowing what foods they enjoy. We also tailor the learning curriculum for each child, making sure they are developing good skills in an enjoyable environment. We want you to feel comfortable knowing your child is loved, and carefully looked after each day. Parents are encouraged to get involved with their children, asking questions and helping them to grow with basic knowledge and social skills before entering school.

Bloom Academy
Bloom Academy2 days ago
Check out these adorable Pumpkin Patches our FS Orange Owls made 🎃

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What Our Parents Are Saying...

Awesome Learning School For Children

Close awesome learning school for children. they do the most amazing things..Casey has an imagination that gets great things done for great with the kids.💓

Joan Gilbert

She Comes Home Happy Every Day

Our 2.5 year old has been going to Bloom in Babcock Ranch for about 3 weeks now and she comes home happy every day saying she loves her new school!

Jason Caissie

Entire School Smells And Looks So Clean

The entire school smells and looks so clean. The staff is wonderful and my child feels so happy going to and coming from school each day. Thank you Bloom for taking such sweet care of my girl ♥️

Jennifer Wolf

We Love Everything They Stand For

Our daughters go to Bloom Part Time, and they just started two weeks ago. They’re amazing. We love everything they stand for, and can’t wait to see our girls grow with the Bloom family

Melissa Lee

Best Investment For Your Child’s Education

This school has done wonders for my girls. My daughters have come leaps and bounds from where they were two months ago, when they started. I highly recommend this school. Best investment for your child’s education. I was very nervous about my child starting kindergarten, but I tested her readiness level again and she is right on track. Hands down the best school they have been too. Planning on moving, but waiting to move until they both graduate from Bloom.

Casey Sutton

I Can’t Believe The Difference In Her Confidence

My daughter was on the wait list for almost a year, now that she has started here I can’t believe the difference in her confidence in just a few short weeks. She comes home singing her ABC’s, counting and showing me how she’s writing her name. The staff is extremely welcoming and I LOVE getting pictures of her throughout the day. She literally runs down the hall to her class. What a great school, I’m so happy to have her here.

Tracy Pardue

My Son And My Daughters Experience Has Been Great

My son and my daughters experience has been great here so far. My son is happy and is really enjoying being at Bloom. My daughter is enrolled in the aftercare program from school. There are cameras and coded doors which make me feel good about their safety. They just had this new location built, and moved from a few blocks away where they used to be. Beautiful building, always clean and great light in there. My son ALWAYS has something interesting to say about what he is learning.

Update 7/19/18:

I am still thrilled with Bloom! They focus on children, and not on it being a “business”. Everyone is always polite, and friendly. I feel completely at ease with my two children being here. I had a few nightmare experiences with other child care facilities. I wish I had found Bloom sooner, would have saved me a lot of worry.

Ann Watts

I’m So Happy I Chose Bloom Academy!!

Very nice staff!! Warm & welcoming environment!! I’m so happy I chose Bloom Academy for my son’s first school experience!!


Great School ❤

Great school they take great care of my grandson

Terri Runkle

Best Decision We Ever Made!

Best decision we ever made as parents was to put our little one at Bloom!

Gisela Bouvier

My Son Wanted To Hop On In And Just Get Started

Could not be more in love with this school. Even on tour day, my son wanted to hop on in and just get started. The facility itself, and all the ladies, are just amazing.

Rachel Gray

The Teachers & Staff Are Amazing ❤️

Our family loves bloom! All the teachers & staff are amazing ❤️

Tracy McComiskey

The Best School Ever!

The best school ever!

Fernanda Borille

Best Decision I Ever Made.

Best decision I ever made.

Tatiana Rios-Fontaine

Teachers Genuinely Love Your Children

When I was looking for a school for my daughter, I wanted a safe place for her to go and a place that will teach and love her. FOUND IT! My husband and I chose Bloom with out a doubt. It’s a family oriented school and the staff and the teachers genuinely love your children. The children learn there. It not chaos when you pick up your child, they are actively engaged in an activity. My husband and I love having her there. She really has Bloomed since attending Bloom!

Monique Barnes

My Daughter Loves Going To School

Wonderful teachers and staff, my daughter loves going to school , making new friends and is learning at such an amazing rate. Thank you!!!

Liz Shirey

APPLE Accredited

APPLE Accredited

APPLE (Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment) is a national early learning program accreditation. With over 1,000 accredited programs and many more engaged in the process, APPLE is one of the largest accrediting agency for early learning centers.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Bloom Academy is a unique preschool facility with schools located in Charlotte County Florida. Our amazing classrooms, structured learning, organic meals and safe environment make our school the areas most popular. Check out our website, call or stop by for a visit.

Our Gallery

Our Gallery

Take a moment and look at some pictures of our Punta Gorda Academy. The classrooms are bright, clean and designed to stimulate learning at an early age. Bloom Academy is more than just a pre-kindergarten school, we are a caring and nurturing environment that your children will enjoy.